19 September 2010

Age limit?

When are you too old or too young for wearing something? This was one of the topics that my dear creative friends and I discussed last Monday. We started out with discussing the upcoming government election but soon drifted over to the clothes the candidates wear and whether or not the politicians had a personal stylist. We decided that most of them probably hadn’t or if they had they were no darn good.

Then we started to talk about clothes in general. Is there such a thing as an age limit on clothes? Well it’s a tough one isn’t it? I mean we have probably all met men or women wearing clothes that would suit a teenager better…..but is our reaction really due to the age thing or is it all about the fact that they try too hard? That they are wearing something not because they seem to like it or feel comfortable in it but because they want to look young or fit in? I am thinking about all the 40 + men with a ponytail that grows longer with the receding hairline or the 40+ women out shopping with their teenaged kids wearing exactly the same clothes as they do and speaking with the exact same high pitched voices…. Or the 35 something men with a hoodie showing of half of their underwear while they pass you on their longboard…..

We didn’t quite reach a conclusion but we were all leaning towards it being not an age thing but a trying too hard thing. That there is no real age limit but sometimes there is a fine line between looking good and looking pathetic. ….

And that my friends was the exact moment when I (with my cheeks burning) rose from the kitchen table and went and got my newly purchased Dr Martens. In black patent leather!

I have wanted a pair for like ages. My secret dream as a teenager was being a punk rocker, dressed all in black with laced boots and pink hair. I never dared. And here I am at 47 buying myself a pair of Dr Martens….Now how pathetic is that?!?!?

Do I need to say that I LOVE my friends? Of course they quickly said that this had nothing to do with me wanting to be young again. In fact it was just a question of semantics right? Grannies wear laced boots too don’t they? ( in patent leather I wonder?) So this was the very non-pathetic thing to do. Showing that I was just being me – not too young and not too old!

Oh, what the heck. I love my boots!

Take care


Maria said...

Inte patetiskt alls. Dr Marten passar alla åldrar. Jag har ju ett par med en pinuppa på, jag tycker att det är roligt! och ännu roligare när en tant som jag gissar är 15 år äldre än mig kom fram på Ica Maxi och frågade var jag köpt så häftiga skor...och så berättade hon för sin man (som var en gubbe...=) att hon önskade sådana.

LiLi M. said...

Doc Martins yeah! Any woman over 30 with braids NO! Generally speaking no woman over 40 can wear very short mini skirts without stockings, legs are no longer 'fresh', too fat or even worse too thin without any model. This rule applies to shorts too. Beige bermuda's on holidays means that you are from Holland, no age regulations! (Sorry I got so easily distracted.)
Over 30 fat man with one or more golden earrings NOOOOO!! Men over 40 with tribal tattoos: pathetic! Men in sports clothing doing anything but sports NOOOOO! Here the age limit is about 12.

This was fashion police agent LiLi speaking. ;-)
Please consult me for free before buying a major mistake!

Alexis said...

I am 42 and I love my Doc Marten boots! :)