05 September 2010

Crayfish party & vacational hazards

This weekend we had crayfish party at my parents. According to plan I made a new chandelier for this year’s party.

Crayfish party is yet another of those aquavit, sing obscure songs and wear silly hats kind of parties. I am especially fond of the silly hats part – if you want to know just how fond read here. Emma, my youngest is more fond of the actual seafood part but kindly wears a silly hat anyway!

Speaking of seafood have a told you about the Thai seafood incident? No? OK here goes.

One evening we decided to have a seafood party. Well to be correct we decided to celebrate my husbands 50:th birthday although it was two years to late. As some of you might remember we were meant to go two years ago but my dad got sick and we stayed home. Anyway my sister and I had a great solution to the two years to late celebration – we went to the Emerald pond. The Emerald pond is in the Thai rain forest, a beautiful place and every time you bade in it you turn a year younger. My husband went in twice and Heureka the birthday party was on. ( I meant to go in ten times but that just didn’t happen. Tell you about that another day….)

Where was I going with this? Oh yes seafood.
My sister and I talked to the lovely staff at the local restaurant asking them if they could arrange a seafood dinner that evening. We wanted some giant shrimps, snapper and some squid and since we were six persons we ordered two big snappers, 1 squid and 12 shrimps. They were happy to oblige and off we went to the Emerald pond.

When we got back from the outing (all of us feeling much younger…..) the kitchen chef called on my sister wanting her to come and see the fish. She came back to the house looking a bit shaken and laughing somewhat hysterical. You must come with me to the kitchen she said and when I got to there I met the chef who proudly held up two lobsters!

And she had ten more of them in the kitchen……Alive!!!! Due to language difficulties she thought we meant lobster not shrimps!!! Well what could we do? We smiled and said they looked perfect.

That evening we had the time of our life. Or at least the meal of our life. I have never eaten SO much seafood in my entire life! It tasted wonderful!

When we had eaten so much that there was absolutely NO room left the kind staff came in with dessert – a gift from them to us. A beautifully looking watermelon, papaya and pineapple dessert – so what do you do? You smile and you EAT!

At my parents crayfish party yesterday I was mysteriously full almost at once. Could it be that I have already eaten seafood to last me a lifetime ?

Take care

The lovely kitchen staff. I miss them. The were so nice and made our holiday a treat!


Judie said...

From the looks of it, the answer to your final question has to be, without a doubt, YES!!!!! ;-)

LiLi M. said...

Ah to eat as much lobster as you can...what a treat! How many years did you loose exactly, I might go there myself once ;-)!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

hello there!!! I come by way of my sweet Lili in the Netherlands who shared your gorgeous gift to her. You have a lovely, wonderful and UPLIFTING blog and I so love your MISSION STATEMENT. Absolutely. One life, one chance to make a difference and leave an imprint of your world. Many blessings to you for a MARVELOUS journey in this thing called life. Anita

Anonymous said...

Hi! a little visit from France :-) Coming through your “blogging twin sister” Lili M's blog :-)
Wow! That was a wonderful celebration! Lobsters ❤ I love your story :-D