29 September 2010

Fast and failure

Yesterday one of my meetings finished early and since I was in the neighborhood I thought I’d nip home for a prolonged lunch. The FeltUnited had been on my mind all morning and as I still had a tooth ache I said to myself “why not skip lunch and do some felting instead? “ Does that sound like a good idea to you? No? Well it did for me at the time. I had this grand plan of making a felted Torso in different shades of green to put on my front lawn …. I already had the actual Torso you see made out of wire netting and meant to be covered in moss (Making things out of moss being another passion of mine…. ) so how long could it take to cover it up in wool instead then shaping it around the netting with soap water? Not long at all I thought. Wrong very wrong!

There I stood in the kitchen with not very much time to spare pouring soap water over the wool covered netting and getting most of the water on myself. The wool and me not having the same opinion about sticking to the netting….. BUGGER! Time running out all I had for my hard work was a heap of half felted green guck slowly sliding down the Torso and landing on the floor. I got SO angry I threw the Torso away hitting the kitchen wall, dumped all the wool in the spin dryer , changed to dry clothes and left. I started sobbing in the car, ashamed over my behavior but also still angry. Angry about the fact that everything with me always has to go so fast , that I have absolutely no patience but also angry over the fact that I was now out of green wool. I would have to miss out on FeltUnited this year too.

When I got home again I found this in my spin dryer.

A pathetic sight! But I was calm now and a bit more composed so I sat down looking at it wondering what I could do with it. One of the pieces had the shape of a bird ….so I decided that I would make little green and blue birds. It sort of fitted the autumn season with its birds leaving for warmer countries and it sort of fit FeltUnited too wanting to spread the knowledge and joy of felting all over the world. I was now warming to the idea of making little winged messengers when it hit me – I would make them as gifts.

As many of you know I am always the most inspired in my artwork by creating something for a special person and then give it away. That gives me an even bigger joy than the actual creating in itself. So why not make little birds and place them in town for people to find and take home. I could attach a note that would explain about FeltUnited and thereby spread the word to others….

Said and done. Birds it will be…. FeltUnited here I come

Bird in progress

To be continued….

Take care

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