09 September 2010

Water or wine?

On Monday I meet my dear “creative ladies” Anna, Lisa & Monne for a bit of chatting, knitting, munching and drinking..... We haven`t met for something creative for ages and I have missed them terribly. Therefore I am in desperate need of a knitting project. Preferably something that is finished fast and can be combined with ….eh wine! I found this beautiful little shawl here. It’s more like a necklace kind of thing than a shawl actually. Just plain stitch and only 14 rows but you start out with 110 stitches and end up with 1040!!!

Do you think I should stick to water….

Take care

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LiLi M. said...

Hahaha!! What a great idea such a creative evening! I would love to fly over too. Love the necklacelike scarf, though I am not so sure I could combine it with wine (either!). Have a fun and fab weekend!