29 August 2010

Everyday life

As I was going through all my vacation pics I realized that most of them were of Thai everyday life….and a beach or two….and of course some really touristic photos of the family in front of this or that….I realized that the joy of watching and taking part in the Thai everyday life is what gave the trip meaning for me. A beautiful beach is a beautiful beach whatever country you visit. The sad thing is that so many tourists never look beyond it.

Here is some of the pics....

This is my sisters next door neighbour, the rice farmer working on his field together with his family. I loved to watch them from the kitcen window while I washed up the breakfast dishes.

As we were out driving one day we passed some men working in the woods. When I saw the elephant I shouted STOP to my husband and got out to take a photo. The men kindly let me take a photo of the elephant but only after I had taken a picture of them lifting some really heavy logs, laughing and making it very clear that they were just as strong as the elephant. Or stronger...

The traffic in Thailand is caotic, intense and crazy and they drive on the wrong side of the road. If you are a swede that is... It`s the land of pick ups and mopeds. The amount of stuff or people they can transport on one single moped is amazing.

Religion is present everywhere. Temples and Mosques lying side by side. You see monks wander the streets early in the morning with their wooden rice bowls to collect food.

Many thai houses don`t have a kitchen so they eat at food markets or tiny resturants along the road. Or from a mobile kitchen where a woman cook and serve the food directly from her moped or tuctuc. Many of the houses on the country or the city flats are really just one big room where you roll out madresses to sleep on at night. Most of the thai life take place outdoors and the house is just a shelter to protect you from the rain.

I loved the food. I usually started my day with scrabled eggs and a large plate of ripe mango, pineapple and watermelon. All of it bought at the tiny local shop close to my sisters house.

The food market in Krabi

Three girls in their schooluniforms getting an afternoon snack

A woman buying her meal at a food stand in Krabi town

Oh boy this is the longest post ever so I better stop now. Just wanted to share a piece of the trip with you. Thailand is a colorful country and very inspirational creativitywise....so you just might see some posts in the future with stuff inspired by my trip.

Or made from the tons of handprinted cotton fabric I bought....

Take care


LiLi M. said...

I love to see and hear about your adventures! It is a totally different world isn't it? Despite the regime, would you recommend this holiday to anybody? I think so because you 'sound' thrilled'!
Cannot wait to see more of your adventures and your inspiration. Have a lovely week, cheers, LiLi

Heather Woollove said...

What wonderful photographs!
Thank you for taking us along with you!! (After your description of the flight, it may be a loooong time before I head there, myself!!)