27 August 2010

Had Yao & Noppharat Thara

Did you think that the lovely isolated beaches you see on photos look like that naturally? Wrong! Most of them look like that because they are cleaned and raked early every morning!

My sisters house is a 30 minute drive from Krabi town in a very small village. It’s situated in a small resort between a rice field, the village school and the tiny local shop. It’s almost in the middle of nowhere and far away from “tourist country”. On our first evening there we walked to the beach , Had Yao to see the sun set. It is an unexploited beach which basically means no tourists – no cleaning up. It’s sad really to see how much we throw away at land and at see and even sadder that the beach has to be exploited for tourists to get cleaned up.

Anyway, when we wandered beyond the debris of driftwood, bottles, plastic bags and old sun bleached sandals the view was beautiful.

And better still – it was like dying and come to sea shell heaven. Being a manic shell seeker I nearly lost it……and as I was totally unprepared of this feast of sea shell picking I had nothing to pick in.

An old coconut shell came in handy.

As we walked back towards the house I understood from my daughters talking that they found this first encounter with a Thai beach a bit disappointing - no white sand and palm trees. A visit to Noppharat Thara beach the next day put the smile back on their faces....

....white sand, crystal blue see and 28 degrees in the water and not a deckchair and beach umbrella in sight. We where the only ones on the beach accept for a tree legged dog. Oh joy!

Take care


LiLi M. said...

Great to hear that you had a wonderful time Jeanette. I love shell picking too (of course!). In the States I even found some sea glass (ocean glass actually). Those beaches are not as cleaned up either as ours, but fun. Hope to hear more from you! But you might take a rest; there is nothing as tiring as making a journey by plane. Have a lovely weekend, hugs LiLi

Eleanor said...

Great to have you back J!

I'm dancing like there is no tomorrow thanks to you x