08 August 2010

Butterfly personalities

I sat and watched the Butterflies in my lavender today. It seemed to me like they had different personalities. First there was this “relaaax - go with the flow dude” sitting for ever on each flower enjoying the nectar and allowing himself to get really intoxicated with the taste and smell. No problem to take a photo of him !

Then there was this “hurry, hurry - things to do, places to go “ kind of girl. Flying very efficiently about and just making the tiniest of stops on each flower. Had a hell of a time getting a photo of her!

Anyway, then there was this little person. Hanging on for dear life, sitting absolutely still not daring to make one false move or he’ll fall over. I can tell you that he looked straight into the camera and begged for help! It made me wonder if he had been out partying with Mr “Relaaax dude” , had a hell of a headache and soon was about to get some serious bellowing by his Mum…..

How I chose their gender says more about me than the Butterflies perhaps. Ha, ha!

Take care


Eleanor said...

Paper cranes and butterflies. I wish I had a tiny book of your blog so I could carry it around in my pocket.

E xxxx

Val said...

Do you know, as I was reading the post I was thinking exactly the same - about choosing the sexes!