26 August 2010

I`m back

Just a quick post to let you all know that I am back!

It will take a very long time ( if ever) before I endure a 12 hour flight again. The chairs just ain`t built for my long legs. It felt like we flew Sardine Airways!

Welcome onboard Sardine Airways. This is your Captain speaking. We are ready for take off. Please be seated at all times and avoid trips to the lavatories as much as possible. If the need should occur please use the can of olive oil in the seat pocket in front of you to easier slide in and out of your chair…….

Part from the flight I had two very interesting weeks in Thailand and I will post about them later. Right now I am heading for bed to try and beat the jetlag. Work day tomorrow!

Take care


Maria said...

Välkommen hem! Måste ha varit skönt med semester!

LiLi M. said...

Hej! It is soooo good to have you back, though it is a little earlier than I expected...somehow I thought you would come back this weekend. Mmm I guess calculating isn't my best thing. Or is it part of this conspiracy (?) called 'Murphies' law, you know when anything can go wrong it will and anything else does so too.

Let me start to thank you so much for your beautiful artwork! I love love love both of them. I received it from a neighbour shortly after we arrived home. The postman had delivered it wrong (Murphy part 1). I had no internet acces at the time, but was expecting to have it again on short term. (wrong assumption), well by the time I finally had, I discovered that you went on holiday. I guess I should have written you then, but procastination is my middle name...I thought well I can wait, I'll write Jeanette before she comes home anyway, the date doesn't really matter. Mmm my mother should have said: don't delay to do anything till tomorrow! But I did and now I discovered that you are 'already' home and that I even didn't thank you for the lovely parcel. As if I am not happy, while in fact I am beyond happy.

Can I ever make it up to you?

It is great, my husband loves it and it has a great spot in our living room, thanks thanks thanks.

I hope this day isn't too harsh for you, you must feel like you plunged into a cold bath. Here the weather is terrible, rain rain rain, just like autumn and how I wish it was still summer!
Have a lovely weekend, twinsister!