05 August 2010


In five days I am off to Thailand. I am finally going to visit my sisters house and see all the places she talks about and love so much. We where meant to go 18 months ago but then my dad had a stroke and we stayed home. Now the time has come and we leave for Krabi next week.

I have felt (and still do) a bit ambivalent about the trip. Ever since my daughters were just kids I have refused to visit Thailand due to trafficking, sex tourism and the fact that it actually is a country with a military dictatorship. Not my favourite kind of country…. Many and I mean MANY people over the years has called me stupid saying that me not going doesn’t make any kind of difference what so ever. I on the other hand call it micro activism!

But nothing is black and white of course and I decided that I want my daughters to get an opinion of their own and not just inherit mine! So off we go. Soon.

But until then there is tons of stuff to do…..Tomorrow I plan to pimp my ride……or at least my luggage. But more about that another day.

Take care

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Eleanor said...

Oh my gosh, how exciting! Can't wait to see how you pimp your luggage. You make me smile xxxx