06 February 2011

Going to knit my own sandals eh?

My husband wanted a pair of new socks for his hiking boots for Christmas. He wanted them in 100 % wool. I went in and out of shops not finding one single pair that didn’t have some percentage of synthetic fibers in them. So for Christmas I gave him wool, a pattern and a promise of me knitting them….

I have knitted a lot of things and would call myself a rather experienced knitter but I have never knitted socks before. Mittens yes but socks know. Why? Well I never really got the hang of the heel knitting thing. I started on both pair of socks and knitted as far as the heel…..then it was time to call in a professional – Anna!

This is Anna. She is one of my best friends, a fabulous person and a great creator of all kind of stuff among which is knitting socks! So when I sent up my smoke signals there she was spending an entire afternoon trying to teach me. We sat side by side knitting a sock each taking one step at the time.

- Now you have eight stitches left on your fourth needle Anna said.
- Eh, nope. I have nine…..I said.

Big sigh from me and laughter from Anna and then we had to start all over again. She has patience my Anna but then she used to be a teacher. 3 hours, a zillion cups of tea later and by the time Anna had to leave for home both heels where knitted. Now I can continue on my own.

Anna you rock !!!

In my last post I wrote about being a full member of knit your own sandals brigade. The meaning of that is sort of different of course but if you where to take it literally well I wouldn’t produce a lot of sandals would I. For obvious reasons.

Have a great day!

PS Sorry that I am being a bit low on the blog posting level right now. I am flying on the wings of OWOH and I’m kept busy with reading fantastic Blogs. See you in a while…


Eleanor said...

Please give Anna a big hug from me!!!!

Anna said...

I'm so pathetic. You tell me on the phone that you've posted something about me- And then, for the first time in an eternity, I sign in and check your blog out. So many wonderful things you've done and never shown... I love your embroidery, your shawl, your pillow case and - well, I love you. But you knew that. Promise I won't be so scarce from now on.

Carolyn Phillips said...

I know what you mean about being kept busy reading all these blogs...it is an amazing adventure!

Socks are something I've never attempted because of the 4 needles, they worry me!