06 February 2011

Inspirational Sunday

This weekend I visited two exhibitions with embroidery as a theme. The first one was held at a Gallery Krets in Malmö. A small gallery but with interesting art and never ever mainstream. They have an ongoing exhibition - Baldness Pleasure with French artist Isabelle Boinot. Open until February 27.

Why bald men? This is the artists answer on the gallery homepage

”I really like men with baldness. It's for me a sign of virility, but it's not very pleasant for them and their ego, so it's a perfect mix of hero and anti-hero, strength and weakness. Also, as I like contrasts and ambiguity, I find it interesting to let those guys play together.”
I found the exhibition extremely inspirational – red and blue the way you do traditional embroidery but with a whole new expression. As some of you know I have done a few embroideries’ in red based on my sketches already and this exhibition really inspired me to go on and explore that further.

I know most of you don’t live in Sweden and can visit the Gallery Krets but if you like to see more of Isabelle Boinot work do visit her homepage

Do you remember my vintage altered wall hanger I had at my exhibition last summer? Sorry about the lousy photo. Took it with my cell phone.

Anyway, I suppose that was why I felt right at home at the second exhibition. It was held at Gallery 21 and was called “Welcome to Hell by the artist Ella Tillema.

She uses vintage wall hangers and table runners and gives them an embroidered message which is far from their first cozy appearance.

Like an embroidered surveillance camera for instance! A whole wall was devoted to wall hangers with all kind of ironic messages.

Oh you want a translation do you? Well, here are some of them:

“Think about death”
“Time is money”
“Shame on you”
“Global break down”
“The party is over”
“Sex and violence”
“Thanks for nothing”

Now wouldn`t you like to wake up every morning and read " Think about death". Guess that would brighten up your day some eh?

I had a great sunday! Now I can’t wait to get back to my own embroidery. A pity the weekend is almost over.

Take care

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Heather Woollove said...

What a great and quirky exhibit, Jeanette! Thanks so much for sharing!!!
I think you know I'm a HUGE David Shrigley fan, and your post also reminds me of one of mine...when I visited this museum in Bristol! http://woollove-functional-fiberart.blogspot.com/2010/06/bristol-museums-and-knitting-exhibit.html