24 February 2011

Paper & cloth

…..and some embroidery.

As I have said before I am completely hooked on embroidery. I try to manage to do some everyday even if it is only for a couple of minutes. The feel of the fabric under my fingers and the needle going up, down forming a pattern almost without my thinking is so very calming and relaxing after a stressful day. Lately I have done tiny embroideries of women – strong women! I have made them with a friend in mind and I have a nice little pile of them now.

I wanted to find a way of combining them and this weekend I tried different ways of sewing my embroidery on to paper. I also wanted to add a “vintage” feel to some of the linen fabric I used so I colored it with tea.

I first sew each piece of embroidery on to a book page, the text of each page matching the woman’s character in some way.

Then I sewed them all on to a big aquarelle paper. But first I painted that too with tea to get a nice beige color for the background. I wrote a few messages here and there and added a drawing. I don’t know if I am entirely finished yet but I am slowly getting there…. and I have great fun while doing so!

Take care


Heather Woollove said...

Jeanette--I really LOVE these!!
Strong women...YES!!

Threads of Inspiration said...

I completely understand when you talked about stitching taking away all of the stress. When I get in a bad mood I usually realize I haven't done any embroidery for awhile. I love your women.