22 February 2011


It has been freezing cold the last couple of days and winter is still holding Sweden in a firm grip. I am getting almost desperate and I long for spring something awful. Today something had to be done if I wasn’t to loose it completely. So when in need….visit a florist or a nursery. I bought lovely spring flowers for all my windows and a serious amount of seeds.

I actually have a plan for what to grow this year and I brought a written shopping list to the shop. The list is amazing in it self but more amazing is the fact that I actually stuck to it!!! It could have something to do with the ridiculous amount I had allowed myself to buy…

I now have seeds for both vegetables and summer flowers and the flowers annual as well as perennial. Boy will I have a full green house in a month or two.

This is what it looked like last year. Then I just planted about 1/3 of this years amount but on the other hand I didn`t have a proper green house then just these two tiny "tents".

The hard thing now will be not to plant the little buggers too early. But since I am a tower of strength this will of course not be a problem. You can sense some irony here huh?

Take care


Dajon said...

The Bulbs are starting to show
in our garden. Your garden is going to look great in the Summer.

Threads of Inspiration said...

Hi Jeanette, I've come back to read your blog and it seems like we are twins on opposite continents. I had to go to the flower store about a week ago myself. I bought a flowering plant, started forcing some bulbs and planted some chive seeds. Now it is snowing full force but I have some greenery inside.