08 February 2011

Another kind of art

As I cycled home on my bike through the park yesterday I saw a strange looking tree in the distance. When I came closer I saw that it was a kind of exhibition done by very young artists. It was a pacifier tree.

Small children that had “outgrown” their beloved pacifiers had hung them on the tree as a way of saying good bye to them. There was no children around at the time but being a parent I could see the picture so clearly in my mind – the mum or dad telling the child that he or she was to old to be needing a pacifier, encouraging them to choose a branch and lifting them up so that they could hang them there themselves.

The pacifiers where all very beautifully displayed

and some had even hung a tiny little good bye letter together with the pacifiers.

I had a lump in my throat as I stood there looking at the tree and remembering my eldest daughters tears when she put all her pacifiers in a big envelope sending them off to one of our friends newborn baby. Saying that she was a big girl now and the baby needed them better. I also remembered how I found her later the same afternoon hiding under her bed and joyfully sucking on a pacifier she had found under her pillow. It is no easy thing to be a big girl!

As I continued my ride home I was thinking that it was a tree of love and that art is all around!

You just have to keep your eyes open. Both for the art and the love.

Take care


Kim Mailhot said...

This is a beautiful post ! My mom tells me that I accepted 25 cents (Canadian) for my soosie when I was three. You are right, becoming a big girl isn't easy. I told myself that just today ! ;)
Thanks for sharing your sweet discovery !

Eleanor said...

I exclaimed out loud when I saw the tree!!!!!

I'm moved to both tears and laughter.

My son loved his pacifier (we call them 'dummies' here) passionately.

This was our favourite book:

If you 'turn' the pages you'll get to the illustration of the Noo-Noo Tree which grows after the boy plants his last pacifier in his garden.

The illustration showing the boy in the superhero costume with the pacifier is one of my favourites too. My son was also a Batman with a pacifier. Memories.....

You have just made my day.

E xxxx

Rough Seas Designs said...

I found your blog through the contest but wanted to stay and visit awhile since I saw we had the same interests in bottle caps and recycling crafts :)

This story was great about the paci's and the pictures just make me feel like I am there seeing it also.

I hope you don't mind if I follow you on here, would love to be a blog friend :)