17 October 2010

Walk on the beach and heart stopping activities

Yesterday my husband and I meant to do a bit of renovating on the country house but the weather was crisp and clear and the sun shining so we decided to save the renovating for a rainy day and drove to the beach instead. It was blowing a hard northerly wind and the waves were spectacular. I love walking along the seaside looking for seashells, feathers and interesting debris washed ashore. Who knows you might even find a message in a bottle.

Afterwards we drove to my Johanna’s school to watch her practice show jumping. Not my favorite thing I am afraid. I get so nervous. I think it’s due to my former occupation as a physical therapist when most of my patients were suffering from brain damage due to accidents. I simply know too much about the consequences to feel really at ease. But a mother got to do what a mother got to do so. …

I had my camera with me and stood out on the course taking photographs feeling better and better about the whole show jumping thing when suddenly it happened. Kalle rode towards the fence and stopped like he had hit glue. Needless to say Johanna didn’t and she hit the ground with a sickening thud. My heart stopped! Amazingly enough I could still walk over to her and there she was lying on the ground calmly breathing slowly and taking stock over the damages. In a minute she was up again, grabbed the horse, gave him a serious bellowing and then up in the saddle again. Jeez, I wonder where she got her genes from. Not from me that’s for sure. God I admire her!

After the practice was over I meant to have a quiet talk to Kalle about the fact that evil horses end up at the glue factory. But then he nudged me with his muzzle and searched my pockets for apples and I went aaahh and all gooey inside.
Those brown eyes get me every time.

A real cutie isn`t he?

Take care

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Jane LaFazio said...

oh, he's soooo handsome!