15 October 2010

Mittens and distractions

Ta dah, my mittens are done.

Yeah, I know they look like a pair of kettle holders but some serious pimping is still to be done! Some embroidery, buttons, pearls, some vintage lace perhaps or….

According to the weather forecast we can expect cold weather and night frost this weekend so I really should get started on that pimping but unfortunately I keep getting distracted by this fabulous book that I found at the library.

Creative Cloth Doll Making by Patti Medaris Culea

I don’t give a hoot about mittens right now, I want to make cloth dolls !

Aren’t they beautiful?

Hope you have a creative weekend!

Take care


Toril said...

Ja jisses de vantar hade man ju velat lägga vantarna på:)

LiLi M. said...

Of course...the story of my life! Always with my head busy with the next project...and the next....next again.
Happy peaceful and creative Sunday!

Jane LaFazio said...

so, i'm very interested in these mitten things. did you make them or buy them? and now you're going to fancy them up? quick, get to it, I want to see! :-)