03 October 2010

Speaking of birds….

I like birds but I am not all that fond of giant flocks of birds. Hitchcock has a lot to answer for there…..but I love watching birds in passing. The way they fly in their V-formation and how they always seem to find the right way.

At dusk yesterday I was out in the vegetable garden finishing my digging when I heard a terrible noise. I looked up and saw hundreds and hundreds of geese flying past my house. Eh ….wait a minute…they weren’t passing at all….they where LANDING!!!! Holy cow! In ten seconds the nearby field was completely filled with geese. Loads of them. Standing room only! And the noise! They sounded very annoyed, really pissed of actually. Was it just my imagination or was their anger directed to one specific goose? Poor thing, maybe it was the leader goose and she was lost? How stupid of me, of course it must be a male leader goose otherwise they would have stopped and asked for directions a long time ago….. Anyway, the angry cackle grew higher…and higher....and higher and then it suddenly stopped. One goose left the flock, the field and walked right down to my drive way. Took a few steps ….and was airborne….and with an enormous woooooosh all the other geese where up in the air too….In no time at all they where gone.

What was that all about I wonder. Coffee break? Change of driver? Recharging the GPS battery or what? Well I will never know will I. I don`t speak geese. But I must confess that I was rather relieved when they left. I wouldn’t have liked to have a gigantic choir of tone-deaf singing for me all night.

Take care

PS I got a comment on my last post saying that one of my felted birds had been found in a square in Malmö and now had a new home – in Luleå !!!! That is about 1600 kilometers north from here. I wonder how it got there. Amazing!

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LiLi M. said...

What a story! Of course I always ask such question too: how do those birds know their place in the V-formation or in the 'flock'? Just as intriguing is how mosquitos know their place in a a cloud of mosquitos that doesn't move? Ah you must know the ancient Chinese proverb: one fool can ask more questions than a 1000 wise men (of course!) could answer!
Have a great week!

ps. the best part is that you had your camera with you, of course, a blogger never leaves home without it.