29 October 2010

Creative day & a sneak peak

Today I had a day off. Before going to sleep yesterday I lay for a while contemplating the enormous amount of creative stuff I would finally have the time to do. I had a long list…. Naturally it didn’t quite turn out that way. My daughter’s sore throat turned out to be tonsillitis and needed a trip to the doctors and I had to go shop for food and then to the pharmacists for medication and….But this is what I managed to tick off my list

I made an autumn wreath for the door

Carved out one seriously big pumpkin and put tiny Christmas light bulbs in it

Went to the thrift store and bought an old wooden flour sifter, a polka dot dress that I just might be able to wear in ten kilos time, two old lampshades that I am going to strip from its fabric and make something else out of, embroidery yarn for a bargain and about one zillion tiny white buttons.

Well 830 of them to be exact. Not mother of pearl buttons or anything fancy like that just plain white ones but I think it was the amount that got to me…. They had 800 more in another plastic bag but I chickened out and left those to other buyers. Might go back tomorrow though….

The pink knitted strait jacket is also coming along nicely…..

….and I started on the gift for the give away. Do you want a sneak peak?

It involves prefelted wool, buttons and old metal candle holders. So you kind of wish you hadn’t made a comment eh? Well I promise you it will look better than this when it’s finished.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend


LiLi M. said...

Ah you and your give away crack me up again!
Say; get well soon to your daughter, I had a tonsilitis a few times and it isn't fun at all! Love that color pink! I think there are too many neutrals already on the internet! Not to mention white buttons ;-)!
Have a great and creative week!

Val said...

Love the Autumn Door Wreath and the Christmas Lights in the pumkin. What fabulous ideas. Thanks so much for sharing. Val xxx