21 October 2010

Embroidery, distractions and a pink straitjacket

I have started on the embroidery on my mittens. I was inspired by the lovely flower that Maria at Jag blommar made on her jacket. Unfortunately I am SO easily distracted….I found another book at the library you see and it had a pattern for the most beautiful knitted shawl. Made in mohair so thin it looked like it a spider’s web.

I know I should be finishing my mittens. I really need them. It’s so darn cold in the mornings now! But it’s like an alien force takes hold of me and I can’t control my actions….so before I knew it I was inside a yarn shop buying 100 g seriously pink mohair and here I am knitting and NOT making any progress on the mittens.

I am a weak person!

Take care

PS My husband looked at the pattern and wondered why I was knitting a pink straitjacket. Naturally I said it was because I love him like crazy....ha, ha

1 comment:

Maria said...

SÅ fint broderi! Kul att jag inspirerar, det är ju det som är så härligt med bloggvärlden.
Hoppas att du har det bra i andra delen av Sverige. Kanske har ni snö? Inte vi ännu, men nyss såg det ut som om snön är på väg...