12 October 2010

Findings and cravings

I had a great weekend in Stockholm. The weather was lovely and the company excellent. My beloved “big sister” and my dear daughters what more can you wish for? Well maybe that I didn’t spend quite so much money….especially when my plan was that my daughters would do the shopping…

I bought a jacket and trousers in linen and some blouses. They were all on sale so it almost doesn’t count. I also dared to visit Gustav Mellbin for the first time. This is a shop that specializes in ladies underwear and where the shop assistants have supernatural skills. In the fitting room they take one look at your sorry excuse for a body and pick out the absolute right kind of bra for you. Scary… and expensive…..but worth every penny!

Since I currently have a yarn shopping prohibition I wasn’t supposed to visit any yarn shops but you know me. I just can’t help myself and I am so glad that I did. I bought this fabulous knitting book with gorgeous photos and so, so beautiful patterns. It is a winter collection and the photographs are taken at the Jukkasjärvi Ice hotel.

This is one of the models that I plan to knit…

Speaking of winter collection…..I also visited Gudrun Sjöden and fell in love with this coat in felted wool.

CRAVINGS!!! It was very expensive so today I bought a pattern and plan to try and make one on my own.

And the mittens....I want to make them too. The coat and mittens most probably want look exactly the same but I will keep you posted on their progress.

Take care

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LiLi M. said...

You are so right to buy this book! And I am anxious to see the making of the felt coat! I love it!