31 March 2010

Stampede on the making

Ann Woods carboardhorse stampede

Surfing through Blogland I met Katie and her lovely horses. Katie told me that she makes one horse a day using a pattern from artist Ann Wood. She also told me that I could download the pattern from Ann Woods website. Did I hurry over? Yep!

This is what Ann wrote:

“In 2006 I started making cardboard horses. They were a self imposed assignment, a daily creative task intended to motivate and loosen me up, little experiments, paralysis prevention. My plan was to make a cardboard horse everyday, Monday through Friday until I had 100. I did and exhibited the group at Tinlark in Los Angeles in 2007. I’ve made 3 patterns, two adults and a colt, to share and I hope you make a cardboard horse or two or three or maybe a little family or maybe your own stampede! “

Did I download the pattern? You bet ya!

This is my first. I called him Spot.

I think I am going to make one from a tin can and maybe a felted one and....I can feel an addiction coming on....

Take care



Maria said...

SÅ fin!

batte said...

Så vacker! Jag kan se framför mig alla olika material och tekniker du kommer att använda. Roligt! 1000 stycken?

LiLi M. said...

Love it! I love the birds of Ann Wood or even better her castle. I missed these horses. But I like the idea of more horses (read a collection) very much! Keep us posted please!

Catharina Maria said...

I love your horse , great idea to make them too !
Love from RINI

I am back from a long holiday in Portugal .
I have to read a lot of blogs ;o)