07 March 2010

Signs of spring

At the country house

For the first time in 2,5 months we could drive down to the house

Icicles melting

Tiny bulbs in the border close to the house

At the town house

“Snow drops” ( Galantus nivalis) in the garden

Winter aconite ( Eranthis hyemalis) in my garden and on my dinner table

Tulips in every vase

.....and I have a cold. Came right out of the blue, like one second you are well and the next not. I tell myself it`s a spring cold. Makes me feel so much better. Yep, I am easily fooled!

Have a fab sunday


LiLi M. said...

Ah too bad a cold! I was missing you already! But you know these spring colds don't take half as long as the regular ones and they are just half as severe...so you'll be on the mend in no time! Hugs!!! (hope it isn't contagious, I am not that fond of spring colds, you know!).

Betty Jo said...

Hi Sweetie,

So sorry you've got a cold. Hope you're all better very soon.

This past year I've lived in an apartment on a hill. I didn't know the apartment management doesn't clear the hill of snow and ice. We've had a record breaking winter and I've been snowed in on this hill several times for weeks at a time. I'll be apartment hunting again soon, as I cannot bear to be stuck here during another winter. Spring cannot get here soon enough for me! ♥

Anna Stilla said...

Jeanette, du lever farligt. Bilder på våren som är på gång väcker starka känslor hos mig. Avund ackompanjeras av tandgnissel.

Jane LaFazio said...

ahh spring IS on the way!