24 March 2010

Building an Ark

A dear friend of mine wrote on Facebook the other day that she was painting the inside of her cupboards to make them look bigger and thus contain more. We had a lot of laughs about that and I asked her whether that technique also applied to houses since I felt that mine was way too small for my needs. But to be honest the size of my house isn’t really the problem it’s the size of my workroom. My workroom is very tiny and I am a collector of huge proportions partial to junk, tin cans, old fabric, vintage books and all kinds of paper. Not to mention all my wool…. It’s a bit like fitting an elephant into a Mini Cooper. I have tried many solutions for this – shelves everywhere, piles with neatly labeled boxes and all kind of binders and plastic containers but my workroom still looks as if something has exploded in there. Needless to say throwing things away isn’t an option. Unfortunately I have to see the stuff to be inspired by it so the more I put into boxes and containers the less inspired I feel.

When doing my felting I use the sink in my kitchen for the smaller objects and for the really large ones I have to use the kitchen table. You can’t even begin to imagine the amounts of water that ends up on the floor but if I say that my husband asked if he had to start building an Ark I think you get the picture….

The tininess didn’t feel like such a problem before but now I feel an urge to sort of explore my art further and I have about 1 x 1 meter empty space left on which to do it…. All you creative people out there how do you organize your workrooms or creative space? I am in great need of some advice here!

Anyway this is my latest piece called perfect life and made for Jessica. On the kitchen table of course….

Take care


Betty Jo said...

Actually I've learned to love small since being in this apartment. It has caused me to be more selective about my belongings. I have my computer desk, I use a PC, which is a large table. I also have in my office/studio my husband's old desk where I do my bills and work on journals and scrapbooks. I have another flat surfaced cupboard in the room where I can sew or whatever. I try to keep at least that one cleared as I simply cannot work in a totally cluttered space. Now I have the bug to learn watercolors, so I'm not quite sure where I'll be doing that, my kitchen table perhaps. Your piece is beautiful!! Thanks for dropping by my new blog. It's always wonderful to see your name pop up in the comments!! ♥

teresa said...

Tyvärr, jag har INGA råd, bara ett alldeles för litet hus... HAR inte ens ett arbetsrum, fastän jag verkligen behöver ett... Varför inte bara ÖVERVÄGA att skänka lite till second hand, det brukar jag göra...
/Satsa på en spedetröja, det projektet skulle jag vilja följa. Har själv en dröm om att sticka en spedetröja någongång. Vacker gammal tradition.