14 March 2010

Up on the attic

We are slowly emptying my late uncle’s house. It’s sad to see all the things he collected during many years lying dusty and unused their purpose fulfilled somehow. Up on the attic I found two tin boxes that probably belonged to the former owner, an old lady. I lifted them up and my heart started beating - so heavy! I carefully carried them down the staircase and opened them…..oh joy.

The first one was filled with cookbooks and handwritten recipes and at the bottom I found a bag of seeds. Green beans! I can’t wait to plant them and see if they grow after all these years. What if they are magic? Maybe I will have a gigantic plant like in Jack and the beanstalk?

The second one filled with buttons! I LOVE buttons and simply can’t have enough of them! I love looking at them and imagine the dresses and coats that they where once on and the people wearing the clothes.

Back up on the attic I found a few more boxes. I was in tin box heaven. I don’t know why I love them so much - the rustier the better. Maybe it’s because everything is in plastic Nowadays or maybe the way they always make me want to start create something.

But what filled me with most joy but I haven´t got a photo of was when I loaded my uncle’s old kitchen sofa in the truck. The one he used to sleep in when he was just a child. It’s now standing in my kitchen at the country house and whenever I sit in my kitchen in the future a part of my uncle will always be there.

Take care


LiLi M. said...

Hi 'twinsister'!! Yeah I love tins too, I think I love everything I can hide another collectible in! hehehe! Great that you have such a nice heirloom of your uncle as the sofa! You'll enjoy it double! Have a great week!

Anna Stilla said...

Jag har också en sådan blå ask med Kungsblandning. Jag har mina knappnålar i den. Väldigt behändigt.