08 March 2010


To all of you fantastic women out there - this is for you! You rock!

One of my favourite songs with two of my favorite female singers. Oh, Aretha I wanted your voice and Annie I wanted your looks ( and voice...and Dave Stewart....) I wanted it so much that I cut my hair from very long

to ultra short!!!!

Stupid I know but cut me some slack here, we are talking 1983. So much older and wiser now but I still want their voices and I wouldn`t mind Dave Stewart either.....or maybe not!

Take care


Maria said...

Hej Jeanette! Då tar jag åt mig och säger TACK!
Systerskap är det bästa som finns!! Önskar fortfarande att jag kunde få träffa dig och Anna över en kopp te (eller VIN!) och med ett handarbete.

LiLi M. said...

Thanks Jeanette, but I'm not so sure that Dave Stewart isn't way past the expiration date....

Eleanor said...

Woohoo!! I needed this post today, thanks J!

Those photos are killing me!!!

Alexis said...

Thanks for that!

Anna of Helylle said...

I'm with Eleanor here; these shots hit me! Real hard, still giggling... Going to hide my albums next time you come over.