23 March 2010

Panic attack

I have just sent an application to the city council of Malmö to show my art one week during this summer. It’s held at the Hunting Pavillion in Folkets Park which is a very old amusement park in Malmö. The exhibition room is octagonal – wow! I read about it in this morning’s paper and at the spur of the moment sent in my application. Now I have a major panic attack - what if I am accepted???? Help!

But still…..I would really like to do it! So please keep your fingers crossed!

Take care


LiLi M. said...

Okay, I'll do that, good luck Jeanette!

Judie said...

It's hard to type and cross my fingers at the same time, but I'll do it for you anyway!! You must, however, let me know when your work will be exhibited!!
Stor kram - Judie

Anna Stilla said...

Men vad roligt Jeanette! Du gör så fina saker, du kommer att ta besökarna med storm!