16 March 2010

Love U

On this very day 80 years ago my father was born in Ostpreussen, Germany. Luckily for me he came to Sweden after the war, met my mother and had my sister and me otherwise I wouldn’t have had the best Dad in the world. He survived a war, prison camp in Siberia as a young teenager, coming to a new country with no friends or knowledge of the language and still made himself a good future. He is a very loving father and he has taught me that everything is possible just you set your mind to it.

I think I got some of my creative genes from him too…..

Happy birthday!

Love you Dad!



Eleanor said...

Happy birthday to your father, what a wonderful gift!

LiLi M. said...

Lucky you and your father! Congrats on his 80th birthday! Love his party hat :-D

Jane LaFazio said...