17 July 2010

Wool, rabbits and The Mandelmann gardens

If you are in the neighborhood of Rörum do visit the Madelmann gardens. I did yesterday and it was very inspirational. It’s not really just a garden but a farm dedicated to ecological farming where sheep, cows, hens and pigs all are an important part of the eco farming system. Gustav and Marie Mandelmann are the owners and Fridays and Saturdays they open up their garden for visitors as well as sell their amazing vegetables. As I wrote in my last post you can eat there as well. They have a nice little garden café with yummy vegetarian dishes and the cakes – OMG!

The garden is a treat for the eye as well as inspirational and fun. You find something new to watch around every corner.

Like this interesting “nestingbox” or hotel for owls and storks with a very special hotel clerk. This guy…..

Everything in the garden is planted in smooth curves and circles with vegetables and flowers planted together in a beautiful mix. The paths in-between the rows is covered in wool from the farms many sheep. The wool keeps the ground moist but more importantly keeps weed, field rabbits, killer slugs and deer out. But not only that – the white wool together with the green vegetables and the color of the flowers is so, so beautiful and I can’t even begin to describe the feeling when you walk barefoot in it. It sure beats treading on thistles any day!

So what ideas did I take with me?

Well, I want to try and build this little arbour in the field close to my vegetable garden and I am definitely going to mix vegetables and flowers much more next year. And I will plant them in circles and curves…..

One thing I tried out at once though.

Since the field rabbit has been nibbling happily away at my newly planted roses I decided to test the “wool keeps rabbits out theory”. I had two bags of unwashed wool lying in my barn waiting for felting projects so I spread the wool out around the roses.

As I drove back to town again I saw the rabbit sitting there in the field patiently watching my departure and free access to the roses. I am almost ashamed to tell you this but I just had to lower my car window, give him the finger and shout SUCKER!!!!! My evil laugh echoing over the valley…..

Lets just hope the last laugh isn’t on me…..

Take care

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