05 July 2010

Sneak peak

Tomorrow is D-day. Do you want an exhibition sneak peak?

Here goes....

Cakestands made out of jumble sale findings

Close up

Bridal crown made out of wool and tin cans

Guardian angels

"Paintings" made out of wet and needle felted wool

Thank you dear Anna for excellent measuring, hammering & lots of general pep talk. What would I do without you?

Wish me luck


Alexis said...

Good luck, Jeanette!

Val said...

They all look absolutely amazing Jeanette - taking recycling right to the edge! All the good luck in the world!

Val said...

Reading down your Blog I see the luck was needed for yesterday - I am sure you were a huge success - yes? xx

Anna Stilla said...

Så vackra saker Jeanette! Hur gick det? Fast det är en rotorisk fråga. Jag kan redan svaret. Det gick strålande!!!!