16 July 2010

Summer time is food time ...and harvest time!

Looking for potatoes

Summer time and vacation time is a lot about food for me. I love to cook and I love to try out new recipes. Cooking for friends and family coming for dinner in the garden or visit new restaurants for inspiration or reading magazines and rip all the recipe pages out….Unfortunately I like to eat too but what’s the fun in cooking if you don’t get to eat the stuff eh?

Many of my favorite bloggers seem to share my interests in good food or is that why they are my favorite bloggers ;-)

Here is some of the recipes that made my mouth water lately ….

Ellie´s great rainbow chard and feta pie!

Alisa Burkes greek-panzanella-salad. You MUST try it out! It’s to die for!

While you are at it why don’t you try Alisa´s ice-cream-sandwiches too?

I am planning to make these for Emma’s 15: th birthday party this upcoming Friday. Actually I was going with an Arabic-Moroccan-Mediterranean theme but what the heck…..

last but not least Anna´s perfect lunch recipe. Only in Swedish though ---sorry!

Yesterday it was harvest time in my vegetable garden. My parents were coming for dinner so I decided it was high time to see if the cabbage and potatoes where ready to harvest. Hurrah, they were!

How about that cabbage?

A bit silly, but I am SO proud. Haven`t really had an vegetable garden before....

We had a lovely feast on grilled pork chops seasoned with fresh herbs, cooked potatoes and cabbage, beetroot, onions and rosemary stir fried in olive oil. Yum!

Today I had another feast on fresh vegetables when me and my husband visited The Mandelman Gardens. But more about that tomorrow.

Lovely lunch at the Mandelman Garden

Take care

PS Now that we have eaten all those healthy vegetables why not finish of with something nice and sweet? My rhubarb and strawberry pie!

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Angela Louise said...

Everything looks SO fresh and delicious Jeanette!
I'm really in a cooking mood at the moment. I get that way in winter.
Happy gardening and eating!!!!