04 November 2009

The Textile Ladies

Anna, Lisa & Monne - The Textile Ladies

Meet the Textile Ladies, my fantastic friends always ready to do crazy things in the name of creativity. Monne a lady with excellent taste in interior design and colors, full of knowledge when it comes to design and gardening. Is currently trying to forget the 100 piece coat that once seemed the perfect spring sewing project ….Lisa, former head of a bookstore who knows what there is to know about books and has great insight in what I like. She can always recommend something that suits me. Does fantastic embroideries that only occasionally by mistake get stuck to her jeans…. Last but not least Anna, the most colorful person I have met with enormous integrity and an aptitude for creative knitting! Patterns are there to be neglected or redone…..and she always seems to land on her feet …… and then there is me who enjoys talking so much when we meet that I seldom get anything done!

Do I need to mention that all of them has a great sense of humor? Even now when I am sitting here all alone in my office writing a huge smile spreads over my face and I get all warm inside just by thinking of them.

Now that is what real friendship is about.

Take care


LiLi M. said...

Hey Jeanette, your back!! And you are writing faster than I can read...we would say: Jeanette is either running or standig still, nothing in between, but I won't say anything to offend you as I am way to happy that you are back again in blogland!

Eleanor said...

I'm smiling and feeling warm inside as well.

Thanks for sharing the get-together with us!!!

teresa said...

Hej, vad kul att du gillade min väst. (Mönstret finns alldeles gratis om du kollar länken i inlägget.)
Du får gärna länka till mig, bara kul.

Anna of Helylle said...

Här sker stora saker i tysthet! Inte ett ord har jag hört om att du börjat blogga igen. Så kul att du är tillbaka i cyberrymden också. Ja, men visst hade vi en trevlig kväll! Tack igen.