15 November 2009

Textile Ladies on the road

Yesterday the Textile Ladies went to Jönköpings Länsmuseum to visit the Eco craft exhibition
" The revolution is being Handmade". It’s a 3,5 hour drive and being on the road with my textile friends ment almost constant laughing and some serious amounts of coffee breaks.

There is no end to the multitude of topics four women have time discuss during a long car drive….. On the way back for instance we talked about what kind of book we would write if we where given the opportunity to do just that next year. Lisa wanted to write a cookbook, Monne a crime novel and Anna an interview / photo book with real people instead of celebrities. Me? I wanted to make a DIY book that would make people see that there is nothing to being creative. You just jump right in and do it!

The exhibition was a great inspiration for “just do it”. All kind of recycled art, enormously inspirational. Want a sneak peak?

Oh sorry, not of me but the exhibition of course....

Pimp my ride - knitting on a bike!

Dress made out of recycled plastic straps

Lamp made out of coke cans

Mobile made out of.....glasspinnar ...eh what you call it in english....

the wooden pegs meant for holding your ice cream popcicle ?????

Well as you can see I had a great weekend, hope you had one too!



Eleanor said...

Oh my goodness!!! Thanks for sharing the day with us...I ADORE the photo of the road-side snack-stop.

Damn I wish I could have come with you.

I want to buy all of your books. Immediately.

Oh, and it's popsicle sticks in America, here I think it's paddle pop sticks here in Oz.

teresa said...

Den utställningen vill jag så gärna se. Det låter som om ni hade en fin utflykt. Diskussionen kring böcker låter också intressant. Själv skulle jag vilja skriva en bok där jag intervjuar människor från söder till norr i Sverige om hur de lever o försörjer sig. Med fina bilder.