03 November 2009

An even better remedy

Birdie flying over Eleanors desk

Just read my e:mail and had two lovely mails proving that “Blogland” is quite amazing sometimes. One was from Eleanor in Australia with a photo of Birdie. I made Birdie for her because I think her writing is wonderful and now Birdie flew back through cyberspace with a greeting for me. The second one was from Caroline, whom I met when I held a summer school at the University of Lund in 1987! Can you believe it! She found my blog and recognized me and sent me a lovely mail. I must have aged with grace…you wish.

So I think I am cured and back. I just needed to know why I was doing this and now I know. I write because I like sharing my thoughts and meet new friends from all over the world. Old ones too as it happens!

And it gets better…..tonight I meat Anna my dear blogfriend who just happened to live right across the park from me. Pretty amazing! First blogfriend and now friend in IRL.

Take care


Eleanor said...

*Smiling and clapping with delight*

(Birdie is flapping her wings and chirping with delight.)

Maria said...

So nice with a little bird fly the whole way to Australia!

Tack för rar kommentar hos mig idag!

Bottega Veneta said...


Anna of Helylle said...

Imagine that little birdie...
Så glas att den lilla fråga-ett-ord-till-svar-leken funkade!