06 November 2009

Seeing another perspective

photo from blog.craftzine.com

I have a confession to make. I am a yarnoholic! I get abstinence when leaving a yarn shop if I didn`t buy anything and I can wake up in the middle of the night with a strange urge to start knitting….. But yarns are off limits at the moment! I took a decision that I don’t get to buy a single hank or ball until I have finished what I am currently working on……Which is SO frustrating but necessary if I don’t want to go bankrupt.

On the other hand people collect stamps right? and valuable art and toys and cars…..So technically speaking you could say that I am building up a collection right? And a collection per definition means something quite big in proportions doesn’t it? Thinking about it in that way my collection of yarns is really quite small. Not big at all. Could do with an added collector’s piece or two !

Oh I love to see things in another perspective!

Got to dash! I am off to the yarnstore……
Oh bother it`s 22.40.....got to get some sleep...then I will dash to the yarnstore!

Take care

PS My last finished piece. Green linen shawl with black linen lace.


Barbro said...

Den blev såå vacker Jeanette!

LiLi M. said...

You are sooo right about building up a collection! On top of that I think one gets more creative from abundance; if you know that there is plenty, it creates so much easier. The government should therefor abondon taxes on yarn, fabrics and other craft suplies! Hear, hear!

Toril said...

Hahhah...ja du är rolig du. :) Jag förstår ditt "beroende". Men att samla lite kan ju vara mysigt så länge man inte känner sig stressad av allt som bara ligger...Allt gott!