08 November 2009

On my most wanted Christmas list

Dear Santa!
If Santa you read my blog this is what I want for Christmas. Yeah, yeah I know it’s only November but you might have a hard time finding the stuff so I like to give you a fair chance.

1. Mikaela Willers absolutely gorgeous rokoko Vase in white ( seen on the top shelf)

2. A pair of knitted UGG boots

3. A knitting kit for this sweater, replica of a Skånsk Spedetröja

5. Little Miss Missy......or

.....Little Mr Nils, the beige one. He looks just like my beloved Nasse that past away this summer. Or...

.....any of Mrs Missy`s six kittens.

She is my eldest daughters barn cat and the kittens are now five weeks old. At the pictures they are aprox 2 weeks and had just opened their eyes. The are so sweet you get diabetic! To be honest they should be on top of the list. My husband is dead against it though mainly because we have one cat already, the remaing brother of Nasse but mostly ( he says) because I was devastated and swore never again to have animals when I had to have Nasse put down at the vets. But a girl can change can`t she......

So please, please Dear Santa .....make my husband see the light!

Take care


Anna Stilla said...

Jag har också funderat på att lägga ut min önskelista. Så att Magnus kan av "misstag" läsa den :)

Hoppas Tomten fyller någon av dina önskningar.


Alexis said...

Ooh! I hope Santa brings you the whole list!

Judie said...

Yes, Santa! Let him see the light! Klart du ska ha en ny, liten Nisse! <3 :-) Judie

LiLi M. said...

HoHoHo, Jeanette! You probably don't know the dutch proverb: children who ask will be skipped with the giving out of the presents...HoHoHo, Santa ;-)

Jane LaFazio said...

the kittens again. OMG. so cute.