10 June 2010

Freebies & exhibition stuff

In about four weeks time it’s D-day for my exhibition and I am close to a creative break down, so many ideas and oh so little time. My head is full of ideas, so full that it’s very hard to actually get them sorted, out and done. Any normal person would have started a long time ago but all you who know me know that A) I am not like normal people and B) I work best under pressure.

Anyway, there I was surfing the net trying to calm my spinning head and start focusing on getting something done ( you wish)….and eureka I found Terri Karhs blog. It was full of her great art and inspirational old photos. I fell instantly in love with one of the photos, a ballet couple looking a wee bit silly. To my great joy it was a freebie.

And this is what I made …..

A sort of wall hanging but with a slightly different twist…. It`s 70X60 cm and has wet felted background decorated with needle felting, embroidery and vintage mother of pearl buttons.

close up of Terris photo

So now it`s one down and ten to go......
Thanks Terri for sharing!



Terri Kahrs said...

Ohhhh, Jeanette, I am absolutely blown away by your creativity and am so happy that you found such a great way to use my image! Thank you, thank YOU for making my day just a bit brighter. I am thrilled and honored that I've inspired you, and I thank you for such a wonderful blog post! Hugs & MANY Smiles, Terri xoxo

Gerda-Thyra said...

Så fint du gjort och jobba på...!
Jag är likadan som dig, får mest gjort när jag jobbar med blåslampa i baken! Har nästan dräpt mig under sista tiden...lämnade ifrån mig grejer igår till en utställning i Habo och jobbar nu för fulla muggar för att bli klar med grejer till slöjdgruppens sommarförsäljning som startar nästa söndag! Jag hinner knappt andas...
Ha det så bra!
Jag har förresten "bytt" bloggställe... eller rättare sagt, inte alls bytt utan mer smugit in en liten bloggliknande historia i min "fuskhemsida Alelje Gerda-Thyra" bara för att det blir bättre så tror jag... och så blev jag så trött på min "riktiga blogg"... jag fick bloggtorka och visade mest bilder på hund och katt tillslut!
Jobba nu på med dina grejer och lycka till med din utställning!

LiLi M. said...

Ah bon nuit my twin sister in working best under pressure/last minute. Why do you think I write now? That is because I just finished painting some chairs. I want our new room to be ready on Sunday, hope that all chairs are dry by then hehehe! Love what you did Jeanette, yes only nine to go, but you are in a flow right now. Good luck and keep on sharing, hugs LiLi