27 June 2010


Since I have readers abroad who might not be familiar with this midsummer’s Eve thing I`ll give you a quick explanation - Midsummer’s Eve is when all us pagans up north dance around a midsummer pole and use the fact that this is the years longest day as an excuse for drinking enormous amounts of aquavit and sing obscure songs…. That was the short version, if you like to read the long one you can do it here.

For once we had the most beautiful weather. It usually rains buckets…..so we spent most of the evening outdoors. Divided into two teams we play the same games every year– shooting air gun at balloons ( I suck at it), throwing tennis balls at a target ( I suck at that too) and finish of with a round of Dart. Needless to say I suck at that too…. Luckily for me I had good team members …

Emma is taking a swing in the hammock

Anyway, we had fun! Hope you all had a good weekend too!

Take care


Anna said...

Du vet väl att det viktigaste inte är att vinna utan att se bra ut? :)
Ha en fin sommar!

Jane LaFazio said...

wow! what gorgeous color. Happy Midsummer!