22 June 2010

No guarantee

I read an article in the local paper today that got me wondering. It was a couple at about my age, she with severe cancer who had recently married. An article filled with their love, happiness and joy – absolutely heartwarming! Almost all the reactions to their wedding were positive the husband said but one person had asked him “why do you want to marry someone that is going to die?” That was the part that got me thinking.

First I thought the question was so silly it made me smile, who can you possibly marry that ain´t going to die? Someone already a ghost maybe? I know of course that it wasn’t what the man asking meant. His question was all about loving and the fear of loosing. It made me feel so sorry for him. Thinking about all the things in life that he will miss out on in the hunt for being 100% secure. Whether we like it or not - the hard facts of life is that we have never any guarantees for length, love or happiness. The only thing that is absolutely certain is that we are all going to die!

It is my firm belief that we walk through this world but once so it’s important to try and fill that walk with as much love and laughter as possible. Trying to make a good life both for yourself and others. When I look back on my life I want to be able to say " I am glad that I did" instead of saying "I wish that I had". When my days are counted and death is coming I hope I have the strength to gather all my friends and loved ones and make a huge party celebrating the fact that I have lived! Hopefully that day is yet long to come but I try to live my life as if it was tomorrow!

Live, love & laugh my friends!


LiLi M. said...

You are so right Jeanette! Never postpone something because later will be better, just live your life now! Love the pennant, is it yours?

Alexis said...

I love this post, Jeanette, and I think that you are very wise!