30 June 2010

Felting like crazy….

My self-confidence hit an all time low this morning as I drove off to work thinking about all that was still to be done. Thoughts of why, who and what kept haunting me:
- why on earth did you enter this exhibition in the first place
- who would want to come and watch anyway
- what you do really sucks and isn’t worth showing

In other words - Monday the 5th is Exhibition D-day and I’m a nervous wreck.

To say that everything is finished is a gross exaggeration……I am still felting like crazy……

So my dear friends out there in cyberspace if you EVER AGAIN hear me say that I work best under pressure please write LIAR with capital letters in my comment box.

Thank you


Judie said...

kram & stort lycka till...

LiLi M. said...

Ah this sounds so familiar Jeanette! I'm always late or too late and I underestimate everything. Now I'm sitting here quietly behind my computer while we are going on a 4 weeks holiday tomorrow and I haven't packed anything yet. Tonight my daughter will receive her diploma at school so there will be a party going on there and of course we are invited too. Now I don't stress yet, but wait until tomorrow morning!
But I do admire you that you are going to expose! You set that first great step! Of course people will come there and even better: they will like your art! Too bad I cannot be around, there would be one very enthusiastic visitor that way! Wishing you no more stress and all the luck in the world. You are just living your dream remember, not your nightmare!!! I will post a goodbeye post tomorrow and then I'll meet you somewhere August I guess. Have fun!!!