31 May 2010

Dream come through

If someone had said 15 years ago or 4 years ago even that a green house would be on top of my most wanted list I would have declared them completely crazy. I would have said that after working in my fathers green houses from the age of eleven planting, picking and watering flowers I had had my share of humid, hot glass houses and was never ever going to enter one again! But people can change can’t they? I can anyway!

I don’t really now when the change happened and it wasn’t over night but I think it was around the same time as we bought the country house. Maybe it was something about seeing the farmers’ harvest the fields that made me want to grow and harvest too? Or maybe it was because my garden is so big that if I wanted to fill it with flowers I had to grow them myself and you just have that much space on your windows sills and tables….Or maybe I just wanted a warm and cozy spot for drinking my afternoon tea or evening glass of wine?

I told my husband about my dream of a green house showing him various types and sizes. I told him I wanted one in town so that I could tend to my plants at all times and do you know what he did? He bought me one! I got a green house as a gift for our 20th wedding anniversary last week! Now did I marry the right guy or didn’t I !!!!

Take care

PS I think it was the promise of red wine and candles in the green house on cold autumn evenings that did the trick……


LiLi M. said...


Now let the sun shine!

Eleanor said...

Happy anniversary!! Mr. Handmade is certainly a catch!! Is that a photo of the actual greenhouse in your garden? It looks like a picture in a very stylish magazine.

Alexis said...

Congratulations! What an amazing present!!

Heather said...

Congratulations! 20 years is a wonderful testament to true love, and your husband's gift of something truly useful and desired shows how in tune with you he is.

Jane LaFazio said...

totally adorable little greenhouse! and congrats on 20 years!