11 May 2010

A learning experience

I am not a very patient woman! Passion yes but patience no. I am more a “lets get this done fast” kind of girl and I don’t like to stand around waiting. As a result of this I am very efficient but in the rush of things shit sometimes happens….Shit happening is very often related to manuals. I mean who have the time to read manuals? Well my husband for one…

Lately I have been studying the art of patience through gardening and I must say that it actually works. When planting tiny little seeds you just can’t rush things, well you will miss the freaking pot for one…and they won’t grow faster even if you try to hurry them on.

In the evening I talk to my little plants before I cover the two little green houses with a fleece blanket to protect them from frost and in the morning I wake them up with a cheerful good morning! I am very content with watching them grow a millimeter or so everyday and that my friends might not be a giant leap for mankind but a giant leap for me. My gardening slows me down!

Take care

PS Weeding still freaks me out but you can’t learn everything at once can you…..


Paige said...

I tried growing plants from seed once and failed miserably...that was more than ten years ago. Perhaps I should try again someday - your little greehouses are lovely and inspiring!

Alexis said...

I think you are very wise, Jeannette, and I'm going to try to follow your lead!