05 September 2008

Just watching....

Have you noticed that I seldom take photos of people? It’s a bit strange since one of my favorite things to do is watching people. I make up little stories about them, who they are or where they are going. Once I went to Copenhagen airport to meet my husband coming from the States and his plane was delayed for two hours. I sat waiting and watching and the two hours felt like two minutes. I was especially interested in a young man with a gigantic bouquet of red roses. Who was he wanting for I wondered. I made up a story about a girlfriend and a quarrel ……When my husband arrived the young man was still waiting. So I talked my husband into staying so I could see who he was so patiently waiting for. And suddenly she arrived. Not the beautiful young girl I had imagined but a very old lady with a walking stick. And suddenly my head was filled with another story about a boy loosing his family in an accident and now meeting his only living relative….I almost wept – and my husband thought I was nuts!

Well that didn’t really explain why I don’t take photos of people did it? I am not quite sure in fact but I think it’s because I feel like I am intruding or something. Or maybe I am afraid of them getting angry and starting to chase me…. Flowers, animals and insects don’t usually do that. Except the bull I met last year. He definitely didn’t like having his picture taken. I take a lot of pictures of my family and friends though but that doesn’t really count.

Here are a few pictures I actually did take. Can you feel the stories coming…..

A contract killer strangeling her? Stealing her neclace? A lover? And why is she so uninterested?

Baywatch grandpa? And where are the good looking young guys? On their lunchbreak?

Why are they so tired?

A rhubarb gnome? Nope! Thats my dad acually!

Ooops it runs in the family.....

Have a great weekend!
Take care


Angela Louise said...

I think you must have a very kind and patient husband Jeanette!
I think it's a girl thing to do....making up scenarios about complete strangers who we know nothing about. My mum is very good at that...not often right though I fear.
I really love your photos. They are definately stories waiting to be told. I have never been game to take photos of people that I don't know either, even if they just happen to almost get in the photo. I take it one step further...I'm not even game enough to take pictures of public places or shops,etc just in case someone gets offended. One day I might be as brave as YOU!!!!
I do like people watching though. We are all such interesting creatures I think. My daughter is also an avid people watcher. Within a few weeks of travelling on the highschool bus for the first time, she knew more about the people on there than my son had found out in two years!!!! I don't think boys enjoy it as much.

Anyhow, will be off to bed now Jeanette. I hope you and your family are all well and happy. How are you going without your older daughter? Hugs to you, love from Angela.

LiLi M. said...

I love this post! I make up stories too. Sometimes I pretend I'm a ventriloquizer (yeah just search that one in your dictionary, I had to do that too!). And I speak out the conversation that might as well take place on the other side of the glass while we (my husband and children) are sitting in a restaurant or a cafe.
So your first picture could have this conversation:
(the man is talking with an italian accent and says); how many times do I have to tell you that you shouldn't wear that necklace that belonged to my mother like this. She never wore it like this. You are not worth it. I have told you a thousand times.
Meanwhile the blonde longhaired lady is thinking: oh no not again!

I don't take photo's of people either for exactly the same reason. Though my daughter has developed a strategy; she pretends to take pictures of us, pointing us in the right direction, no one sees she is actually taking a picture a meter away from us. Yep and that tattoed granny is fully in the picture!

Just read my blogpost and you know why I have waited too long to visit you!