16 September 2008

Genie in a bottle?

The toothfairy lives on the other side of my block.....or maybe it`s the genie. You know, the one that lives in a bottle? Here I sat thinking about a beautiful bag that Anna had made and Poof it suddenly lay in my letterbox. Now isn`t that amazing? Someone has magical powers!

Must be Anna!

Thank you dear blogfriend. You made my day!



LiLi M. said...

Enjoy Jeanette, you deserve it! I love the fabric, looks like a Marimekko design. Bravo Anna! (does she have a short cut already?)

Eleanor said...

Can you see me all the way in Australia? Yes, that's me, green with envy that you live around the corner from Anna. Oh, and the wetfeltings...oh my gosh.....breathtaking!!

Carolyn said...

Hi Jeanette!

Always fun to hear from you, and so glad you enjoyed those skies, too! Great that you are another sky lover. Thanks for the warm welcome back!

Awesome bag! I'm glad Anna's beautiful creativity in red, came your way. What fun!

Am so happy for your daughter, that she is studying horses. LOL, I just like being around them, seeing them, whatever. What fun for her to be focused on learning all about them. To have a school requirement that you have to be near them would be great! What an awesome year she will have. And, LOL, sounds like you have had some similar horse photo-ops as me.

Have a great day!!! :-)