23 December 2009

Little Miss Sneeze

Four days ago little Miss Sneeze moved in with us. Not permanently but over the Christmas holidays. She is one of the barn kittens that I have written about earlier and she was in great need of TLC. She had a very rough start in life…..At the age of three weeks she was found in the stable where she had fallen down from the haystack. Since she was motherless she moved in with Mrs Missy and the six kittens and Missy nursed her too. Later on we learned from the school Vet that she had broken most of her ribs when falling down. She is12 weeks old but she only weighs about 500 grams which is the normal weight of a four week old. She has a bad eye infection and sneezes. The plan is to nurse, feed and love her and when she has built up a bit more strength we are going to try and find her a really good home. The kids are trying to convince us that the good home is right where she is (aka our place) but hubby is dead against it….and very hard to win over. We will see.....

Take care

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