12 December 2009

Can opener and heavy-duty tin snips

I like a challenge now and then and breathing new life into something old or thrown away is a challenge of my choice!. Furthermore it’s a very appropriate time to do so with the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen basically next door. I worry about the climate changes and have followed the reports from the conference but so far I think it has been way too much talk and way too little action. Right now I lean more towards micro activism ….trying to make a difference here and now through little things. …..and me making art and stuff with recycled objects sort of fits right in with that.

I like birds and I like red. I might dress like an undertaker (make you look slimmer….) but red has always been one of my favorite colors. Red is for love, friendship and warmth and to me that’s what life is really about. Okay, okay I want go all Woodstock on you…..

The challenge I made for myself this time was not only to deconstruct a tin cookie jar but also to see how many birds I could get out of the one jar.

I managed four birds, small winged messengers meant as gifts for dear friends. I actually ran out of inspiration instead of material, I still have the lid and the bottom left …..not bad eh? I decorated the first bird with vintage paper but later considered that cheating ( I am hard on myself….) so I made little messages using the text on the jar on the others instead.

Peace, Love & Understanding folks



Eleanor said...

Oh! Friendship birdie (now permanent resident of Australia) is SO excited to see photos of the family back home. She sends them all a peck and a preen and a huge winged hug for you dear J!!

Maria said...

Åh. "Man blir snäll av pepparkakor!" Så fint - gillar den!