29 December 2009

In loving memory

During Christmas I lost a close relative and dear friend. He was my uncle and an important part of my life. He lived alone and for the most part of my grown up life we have spent all kind of family gatherings together and among those an endless row of happy midsummer festivities and crayfish parties. He had a great sense of humor and was always close to laughter but also had a dark and very thoughtful side. For him mindfulness was a natural way of life. He was an artist and painted mostly in watercolor and oil. He also made sculptures and built fabulous and enormous model airplanes. He was a very creative and inventive man and his curiosity and will to try out new things an inspiration to me.

He died unexpectedly and his death has left me very sad and with a great sense of loss.

Dear Gert
I will miss your laughter
the way you could tell a story
the smell of your pipe tobacco
and the sorry sight of your old beat up car.

I will miss your generosity
your empathy for all living
your knowledge
and your kindness and warmth.

I will miss you terribly

Rest in peace


Angela Louise said...

Dear Jeanette, I am so sorry for your loss. I can understand how saddened you are as it sounds like your dear Uncle was such a wonderful man....much like my dear Aunty who passed away on the 3rd of December. She too lived alone and was an artist with a wonderful sense of humour who had great compassion for everyone and every living creature around her. I cherished every moment that I spent with her. I really miss her.
Thinking of you and your family,
love from Angela.

Anonymous said...

Jeanette...tänker på dig!
Kram irmeli

Jane LaFazio said...

sweet tribute to a good man.