20 January 2009

It`s a small world

Me and my eldest visited a few vintage shops the other day. A treat after having been so sick. While strolling around in the shop I saw a woman in the distance picking up a multicolored beautiful hand knitted bedspread / shawl. I gritted my teeth and followed her around for a while. Maybe I would get lucky and she would have second thoughts and put it down again. Then she turned around and I saw that it was Anna from Helylle, my blogfriend! It’s a small world!! She showed me her findings and I told her about my teeth grinding. And we laughed! Anna is a very nice person who makes you go all warm inside. So glad she turned out to live in Sweden and in Malmö and two blocks away from me. Thats cyberspace for you! She told me that she was always on the lookout for kettle holders and that she just might make a kitchen curtain out of them.

Well Anna, I got there before you! He,he!

In another shop I made my best buy this week! A lovely orange, red and brown coat in exclusive British tweed. Circa 1950. I have been looking for a winter coat with a bit of color for a long time now. I like color! It makes a dull grey morning more fun! My spring/autumn coat is a greenish yellow by the way. My eldest loved the coat. The youngest said “Yuck, why do you have a dead beaver around your neck?" and since it wasn`t pink ( she is having a pink period now) the color was SO totally wrong too. My husband jumped backwards when I showed it to him but were otherwise silent. Don’t know if it was a dead beaver issue or a color issue. He is not that colorful my husband, when it comes to clothing that is.

The price you ask? A stunning 11 euros!

Now is that great or what?

Take care


LiLi M. said...

It sure looks great Jeanette, cannot wait to see you wearing the dead beaver (sorry, I don't think so, but you refer to it like this, don't you?). Lucky girl. Hugs L.

Maria said...

Underbara fynd. både grytlappar och kappa!
Rekommenderar verkligen virkkitet. Köpte det på Stockhome på Kungsgatan. Började igår och nu håller jag på med korg nummer 2 som jag bara virkar lite hursomhelst eftersom jag lärde mig olika masktyper under tillverkningen av den första korgen, blev nog fast i detta med virkning nu =)

Anna said...

AAaaargh, this is really testing our begiining friendship... let's go together next time, ok??

ellie said...

How wonderful to live so close to Anna - I read her blog too. Blog friends turned into real-life in your own town friends = the best thing ever!
have fun shopping.

Plain Jane said...

giggle. your husband jumped backward when he saw the coat! oh my! It would be tres chic with some brightly colored matching leather gloves.

Betty Jo said...

Your coat is awesome and will look stunning on you I expect. How wonderful to see your friend Anna while out shopping. xoxo

Angela Louise said...

Dearest Jeanette, I was so sorry to hear that you were so sick on your trip away. What an incredible place. I have only seen snow twice in my life and even then the snowflakes were few and far between so I find that much snow very hard to comprehend.
As for that jacket...I can't bare to think of it just now! Not because I don't like it but it is very hot and humid here today. Can't possibly IMAGINE putting it on...phew!I am glad that you and your daughter had a day out as a catchup treat....and such good finds, including a blog friend!
Wishing you happy days. Love from Angela.