01 January 2009

Dear Friends
A very happy New Year to you all!

Thank you all for your love and support during my dad’s illness.
He is now back home again and doing so much better. So much better in fact that we are daring to take a little trip not to the beaches of Ay Nang but the white slopes of Åre. We are hoping to celebrate my husbands’ birthday ( he is turning 50 !!!!!) with lots of skiing, good food, hot chocolate and maybe the occasional glass of wine at the after ski. Strictly speaking, if you want to be strict when it comes to after ski, which I don’t since that is the only likeable thing about skiing, I am disqualified from the after ski party since I don’t ski. I don’t ski for the same reason as I don’t skate, don’t ride a horse and definitely don’t ride a skateboard. You could get hurt. Or to be more precise… I would most certainly get hurt! Standing on moving objects is not my kind of stuff. I just haven’t got it in me.

My dad liked to go ice-skating when we were kids. He used to take us skating almost everyday after work during wintertime. My dad was very good at it, my sister was quite the little Ice-princess (can you sense some jealousy here??) but I absolutely sucked! I never got the hang of it. My sister sailed gracefully over the ice putting her right foot and left foot forward in a beautiful synchronized movement but I could only increase my speed by using my right foot. Never ever the left one even how much I tried. It looked; I don’t know what it looked, stupid I guess! I can still remember my dads strong voice calling out to me “bend your knees Jeanette, bend your knees”. Did I bend my knees? Nope! Did I fall over? Yes! Did I hurt myself? YES! YES! YES!

On Christmas day I followed my daughters to the skating rink at the town square. I stood there watching them amazed at how I, Mrs Spineless could have gotten two daughters so totally fearless when it came to ice (or skiing, or riding a horse or a skateboard for that matter…. ) It looked so easy! And before I knew what had happened I decided to give it a try too.
Could I move more than my right foot? No!
Did I bend my knees? No!
Did I fall over? Amazingly No!
Do I want to do it again? NO!!!
Still not my thing. But I was very proud that I tried though.

The fearless daughters of Mrs Spineless!

Yep, thats me. Hard to see though due to the flop, flop, flop movements of my arms desperately trying to keep myself from falling over! Strange that I didn`t levitate!

So my friends, on Saturday we are off to the white winterland……

See you in a while!

Take care



LiLi M. said...

Hahahaha your story is great and so familiar! Skating, skiing etc. etc. not my cup of tea either, I'm even affraid to walk when there is ice on the street!

Have a happy 2009, good start that your father is feeling way better! Congrats to your husband! 50! It's my next big step in 2011.

Thanks for being a great blogfriend in 2008. Let's make 2009 even a better year!

Anna said...

Way to go!!

Betty Jo said...

I'm so glad your father is doing well. What a fun story! I don't do those things either. My family is planning a bike trip. I haven't been on a bike since I was twelve and don't plan to get on one now, unless I can rent a three wheeled bike. I'll walk, thank you very much! xoxo

Plain Jane said...

just catching up with you. So sorry about your dad's stroke!! I'm glad to hear he's doing better...(and very sorry that you missed your sunny vacation too.)