18 January 2009


Do you recognize these two ladies? Well, by some strange cosmic mischief I think they sneaked down in my packing when I was getting ready for going to the white winter land. Oh, they didn’t show themselves at once, they are far too smart for that. They waited until we were relaxed and had fun….

How you know that you have been hexed?
1. Did your daughter get sick with the flu on her first skiing day?
2. Did you yourself get sick 3 days later?
3. Did you spend most of the holiday in the rented cottage caring for the ill or in bed yourself?
4. Did you loose a big filling in your molar tooth when feeling sorry for yourself and eating a big chunk of chocolate?

If the answer to all four questions is yes then you have been hexed! Believe me. I know!

But apart from that we had a lovely time. The ride on the night train was nice. I love going by train. The rest of the family wasn’t really jumping up and down with joy, they are more the flying kind of people but me I was overjoyed. I think that when you fly it goes to fast. You sort of leave your soul behind and don’t really catch up with it until you are flying back again. If you fly by the same route that is….By train your soul travels right along with you. Anyway, we got to celebrate my husbands’ birthday and had a great dinner in a mountain hotel looking out over a beautifully lit Åre. He said that the yellow Bob the Builder helmet was the best present by far but I am not quite sure. He could be telling a fib there. I managed one day with my camera in the amazing winter scenery before I got sick and that was great.

Looking up the mountains and the ski slopes made me even more convinced that I am NO skiing person. How anyone in their right mind can want to risk their life on a pair of tiny pieces of wood is beyond me. But Emma and my husband did. All week. And was very happy about it too.

Not poor Johanna though. She only had one day in the slopes. But she was so terribly sick that she didn’t bother much about what she was missing. And when I got sick too I new exactly how she felt. All I wanted to do was to go home to my own bed.

Teleportation would have been a good thing.
Beem me up Scotty!

I want bore you with details of the train ride home. Don`t remember much about it. I was that sick. But luckily it was a night train too so I could lie down all the way. Today is the first day that I feel really back in business again. And tomorrow it’s back to work. Can’t wait! I have missed it!

So my friends, do I sound like I feel a little bit sorry for myself? Well I do. But my husband said he had a great birthday and that is what is most important.

But if you see a wisp of purple hair or a broomstick while packing be sure to check it out. It could be a hex coming your way. And you don`t want to be hexed now do you?

And remember - don’t drink and fly folk’s !!

Take care



LiLi M. said...

Hahaha Jeanette, you make me laugh in stead of feeling sorry for you. But I am, believe me, I know how you felt. Christmas holidays here; daughter ill, two day later mummy (me) ill too. I had an inflammation of the tonsils. Couldn't swallow, so I ate a minimum of the lovely Christmas diner and drank a minimum too and I couldn't sleep. Of course Christmas was followed by the weekend, so I could't see a doctor. But I managed to see a weekend doctor (hubby went to Paris in the meantime, so now car available, went there by bike, it was freezing cold (of course)). Got some pills, they worked thank God. I had a cure of penicillin of 10 days. Horrible pills, and a few days after ending the cure my throat ache has come back! Not as severe as with Christmas but the feeling if somebody is gently strangling you. Do you think there was a witch here too? Great photos! I'm not a skiing person too, that will not surprise you, as we are a kind of twin sisters! Have a nice Sunday and a great week at work!

Anna said...

Hihihi, I'll remember that warning come Easter!

Anna Stilla said...

Äntligen Jeanette! Jag har saknat Dig!

Jag är inte så bra på engelska och därför följer jag mest svenska bloggar. Men det finns ett fåtal bloggar som är på engelska och jag anstränger alla mina hjärnceller för att kunna läsa inläggen. Din blogg är en av dem få som jag läser på engelska. Du skriver för bra för att inte göra det helt enkelt. Sedan tycker jag om dig, fast jag inte känner dig på riktigt. Men jag tycker om dig som du är i bloggen.


Jag glömde att säga att det inte enbart engelska som brister hos mig. Även skidåkning. Jag har faktiskt aldrig någonsin åkt skidor men psst, säg inte det till någon annan. Det är som att säga att man inte kan cykla. Lika skämmigt. Men jag älskar att åka tåg. Fast under ett villkor, att jag slipper byten. För då gör det inget om tåget är försenat.

MARLENE said...

Hihi.... helt underbar bild. Nu kan jag skrattande gå och lägga mej.