25 January 2009

24 going on 36

I know this isn`t considered polite but how old are you? Not in your birth certificate but inside your head? I used to be 24. Sometimes younger but never older. At 24 life was good! I was in love, had a good job that I enjoyed, lots of friends and fun and exciting things was happening all the time. I had a bounce in my step ……Life was easy and the future promising.

Being 24 inside your head is a bit confusing at times. It makes you jump whenever you pass a mirror and the fact that your eldest turns 17 in a few months time makes you a very young mother. Seven in fact. Highly unlikely eh? Other disturbing facts contradicting the 24 theory is the way your body is sore and stiff in the mornings and how the bouncy step feels, well not so bouncy anymore. And you need reading glasses! And the way you misplace them all the time, the reading glasses I mean. Now that indicates that your mind isn’t as sharp and 24:ish as it used to be doesn’t it ? This miss placing glasses thing is dead annoying if you ask me. I spend more time running around looking for the blasted things than I do wearing them. Why can’t they come with a homing device, or GPS or you could phone them maybe? Now there is a thought. Why can’t you just phone them like you do when you miss place your cell? I do that too you see. A lot! My daughters gave me one of those strings you put on your glasses so you can wear them around your neck. They called it mums senility string. It gave me a librarian goes school mistress kind of look. I think I had it 14 days or so then I lost the glasses including the string and they were never found again. ( Could be something Freudian about that though...not wanting to look like a schoolmistress….) The pair after that I accidentally sat on. I used to put my glasses in my back pocket of my jeans you see. Not recommendable. From that day on I gave in, started to buy cheap ones at the gas station and to wear them on my head. That way I always know where they are. Almost! I am ashamed to tell you that once or twice ( more often if you ask my kids) I have been known to run around the house desperately looking for something that was already sitting on top of my head!

With all these facts staring me in my face I have decided to reconsider the age thing. So now I am 36. Sometimes younger but never older!

Take care


Maria said...

Är 36 på mitt 37:e, men tror nog att jag är 25 ungefär!

Angela Louise said...

36 Jeanette! You're just a spring chicken! I will be turning 42 in March- yikes! I still only feel 20 and I'm actually finding that as my kids get older, I'm starting to feel even more like it. Strange hey? Of course I'm probably a lot wiser now....he,he!
I think you have done a wise thing buying cheap glasses knowing your history of losing them. I have been lucky enough not to need them but I could imagine I would also lose mine.
*Smiles* Angela.

LiLi M. said...

Not only do I feel something 23ish but inside I still have size 36 too. I don't need reading glasses yet, I think because I have lenses almost all my life, starting at age 15. But that lady in the mirror that is going to look more and more like my mother each day, that couldn't possibly be me!! Like you I have never been one day older than 36!

Anna Stilla said...

I år fyller jag 37 men innerst inne känner jag mig ganska ålderlös. Låter lite flummigt eller hur?

För det mesta känner jag inte att jag åldras. Och då menar jag inte rynkor och valkar som kommer till mig med tiden, o nej. Jag menar att min inre ålder håller inte på och förändras. Men när jag tittar på mina barn då inser jag att tiden går. Det är skrämmande. Indag fyller min son 15 och jag har tänkt att ojdå, 15 år! Det är mycket i ett livsperspektiv. Och nu, när klockan är mycket och jag ska gå och lägga mig snart då tänker jag att mitt liv har blivt en dag kortare. Det kanske låter dystert men så är det inte menat.

Då får jag adrenalinkick och vill inte alls gå och lägga mig. Jag vill göra saker, hinna med upplevelser, fylla dagar med sådant som jag tycker om. För om dagarna går fortare och fortare då är det viktigt att göra dem vackra eller hur?

Oj, vad jag har skrivit.


Anna said...

Hihi, jag tyckte det var kul som Lili skrev, inte bara åldern är en fantasi utan storleken också...
Du ser inte en dag äldre ut än - 47?? Är det inte bättre att vara en jäkligt fräsch (i mitt fall snart) 45-åring än en lite sliten 36-åring? Ha det gott!

Betty Jo said...

I so enjoyed your post. Age isn't something I often think about one way or another. I'll have to give this some thought. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. How about writing me at bjm_photoATyahoo.com (change the AT to @) and I'll gladly send you my new address. Jeanette you are such a sweetheart and I'm thankful I've met you. ♥ ♥

Anna said...

Hallå där, Djupadals fräschaste 36-åring, det finns en liten utmaning hos mig! Ha det gott!

Eleanor said...

I'm 40, but when I'm with my parents I immediately become 18 again.

Oh, and I have been known to search for my mobile phone.....WHILE TALKING ON IT!!!! I was talking to my husband, and I was complaining to him that I couldn't find the phone...and he went quiet on the other end of the line and then said very very gently "Ummm....I think you're probably holding it..." Sigh.